Enterprise storage and multimedia SoCs implement
designs with large amounts of memory. Having used embedded DRAM in earlier
geometries, designers of these SoCs are now looking for alternatives at 28nm.
One of Synopsys’ unique memory products at 28nm is the ultra high-density 16Mb
single-port SRAM, which allows the SoC designer to embed large monolithic memory
blocks on chip.

This webinar will focus on:

  • How combining innovative power management schemes with TSMC certified
    bitcells delivers a compelling alternative to embedded DRAM
  • Ways to improve system performance when dealing with spatially disparate
    accesses in large memory

Length: 50 minutes + 10 minutes of Q&A

Who should attend: SoC design engineers, system
architects, project managers

Saggurti, Product Marketing Manager for Embedded Memory IP,
Prasad Saggurti is the Product Marketing Manager for
Embedded Memory IP at Synopsys. Prior to Synopsys, Prasad held senior
engineering and marketing roles at MoSys, ARM, National Semiconductor and Sun
Microsystems. Prasad has an MSEE from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an
MBA from the University of California-Berkeley.