The world is going digital. To participate, we have to connect and trust data being generated and exchanged. What does trust mean? How is trust the foundation of a “resilient” connected system? How is trust established? What has to be implemented to establish trust? This webinar provides practical answers to these questions that you can use immediately to accelerate your digital efforts.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to think about cybersecurity in an Internet of Things (IoT) environment
  • A practical way to establish what security matters most for the highest ROI
  • The 6 cybersecurity building blocks to establish data trust


Douglas Gardner, Chief Technologist, Analog Devices

Douglas Gardner is currently leading research and development efforts providing secure solutions for the Internet of Things, industrial control systems, high assurance control systems, end point security, and silicon. He has an extensive background in information assurance, secure communications, secure computing platforms, identity, key management, high assurance control systems, and end point security.

Brian Maguire, Senior Director, Analog Devices

Brian Maguire leads the customer engagement team. The team works with customers to understand their biggest cybersecurity challenges, then tailors solutions to help the customer overcome those challenges so they are free to aggressively pursue their digital aspirations.