Looking for the lowest power wireless connectivity solution? This Webinar will explain how to use the new solutions in TI’s new SimpleLink ultra-low power wireless MCU platform for very low power IoT (Internet of Things) and Industrial applications. This platform supports complete solutions for Bluetooth Smart, ZigBee,- ZigBee RF4CE, Sub-1 GHz, and 6LowPAN  – The designer’s choice of 5 different technologies with 1 architecture. We will cover architecture, benefits of the platform, and how to get immediately started evaluating and developing. Visit www.ti.com/simplelinkulp for a preview.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How the new SimpleLink Ultra Low Power Platform incorporates 5 wireless technologies with 1 architecture
  • See the architectures both hardware and software for Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee and 6LoWPAN
  • Find out how to get started straightaway with this platform


Dana Myers

Wireless Connectivity Marketing Manager
Texas Instruments

Dana Myers joined Texas Instruments in 1999 and has most recently been Marketing Manager for the Wireless Connectivity Solutions organization at Texas instruments. This role focuses on outward communications and product marketing to broad market partners, sales and customers. Prior to this was OMAP Software marketing manager in charge of Linux OMAP Software Solutions, and worked closely with leading OEMs for software requirements and execution. In addition, she worked with the TI OMAP Developer Network to leverage 3rd party expertise for s/w offerings that TI does not provide. Prior to this, Dana was the Marketing Manager for the OMAP Developer Network and was Basestation PME for custom ASICS that went into basestations. Ms. Myers received a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Texas A&M University.

Suma Madapur

Technical Marketing Director,
RF and Wireless Products, Avnet Electronics Marketing

Suma Madapur is a Marketing Director for RF and Wireless technology focused on marketing and business development of wireless modules. In her role she assists Engineers and Account Managers identify the right RF and wireless solutions for their customers. She works with key suppliers to develop their distribution strategy for wireless products. Prior to this Ms. Madapur was Senior Member of Technical Staff designing RF circuits at Anadigics Inc. where she designed phase locked loops for cable modems used in set top boxes. Ms. Madapur received her MBA from Wharton Business School, UPenn, Masters in Computer Engineering from NJIT and a Bachelor’s degree from SJ College of Engineering, India.