Embedded Systems Design magazine has been conducting an annual survey of readers for over 15 years, which is eagerly anticipated and widely followed by both vendors and users in the Embedded industry. The study is well respected because of the large sample size (~1500 respondents) and the annual consistency of questions which delivers accurate trending data. The study is covered by ESD magazine and EETimes in print and online and is presented to advertisers as added value for their promotional programs with TechInsights.

This year, we will release results to key vendors at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose and a webinar will be held on May 21 at 11am Pacific time for those interested in the results. The study covers Embedded designers challenges, use of information sources and their preferred hardware and software vendors.

The webinar will be presented by Richard Nass, Director of Content/Media forTechInsights which includes EE Times, Embedded Systems Design and TechOnline and David Blaza, VP of Events and Embedded Systems at TechInsights. The webinar will also feature commentary of the survey results by Michael Barr, president of Netrino a services and training company for the Embedded design industry.