Precision32 32-bit ARM Microcontroller Overview

Silicon Labs announces the Precision32 microcontroller family, engineered to make your job easier. These new MCUs offer unprecedented flexibility in choosing your peripherals and their pinout placement, and feature best-in-class analog and peripherals, integrating commonly used features into the MCU such as two oscillators, USB, high drive I/O, and capacitive touch buttons. These highly-configurable MCUs allow developers to choose amongst 28 analog to digital channels with multiple modes including 8, 10, 12-bit, interleaving mode (up to 2 Msps sampling), programmable auto scan to switch between channels without CPU intervention and also burst mode to auto average up to 64 samples. These Precision32 32-bit MCUs do all this work with ultra low power consumption. In fact, the sleep mode current is so low that a AAA battery loses 10 times as much current just sitting on the shelf! Find out more at