A Greener Future Under The Pink Umbrella

As the energy efficiency company, we are not satisfied with just
offering solutions that contribute to reducing the need for energy and
thereby helping to avoid harmful emissions being released into the
environment.  At ZMDI, we believe that our mission is also to spread the
word that energy efficiency is cool, and our corporate motto “Pink is
the New Green” articulates our deep commitment to helping make the world
a better place.
In 2014, our
theme is “A Greener World under a Pink Umbrella.”  This message further
accentuates our mission to create products that enable our customers to
develop energy efficient solutions. The additional message in our 2014
theme is that our products have tremendous impact, not only in the
automotive market but also in industrial, IT, medical, white goods and
consumer products.  The pink umbrella represents our global position as
well as our ability to affect change in practically every industry
through our technical expertise and predominating mission of reducing
harmful emissions by developing products that contribute to a greener
At ZMDI, we truly believe that energy efficiency begins at the chip level!