FPGAs have advanced remarkably ever since they first hit the market in the mid-1980s as 1,500-ASIC-gate-equivalent devices. Two decades later, with the launch of Xilinx’s new 7 series, the FPGA stands poised to fulfill its historic promise of one day displacing ASICs as the electronics industry’s mainstream logic IC. With the introduction of the 7 series FPGAs, Xilinx is transitioning from being just a PLD maker to a premier supplier of logic ICs by providing lower total cost of ownership for low- to medium-volume applications and equivalent total cost of ownership for higher-volume applications traditionally addressed by ASICs and ASSPs. What’s more, this total-cost-of-ownership benefit combines with the traditional FPGA advantages of faster time-to-market and risk reduction. Together, all of these factors mean that FPGAs are emerging as the de facto logic IC solution for most applications.