Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a competitor’s product with inferior components and less impressive features grab market share because its interface is easier to use, generates glowing reviews in trade journals, and excites buyers. Yet traditional approaches for developing products with embedded graphical user interfaces (GUIs) seem designed to ensure a mediocre product. They are time consuming, costly, risky, and engineering-driven.

This paper discusses the indispensable role of the graphical user interface in sales and consumer satisfaction, explains what is wrong with traditional GUI development methods, and introduces a development solution—the Tilcon Interface Development Suite. The Tilcon Interface Builder allows you to build, test, and perfect an interface without coding and before writing any product code. A portable, proven, and optimized Tilcon GUI Engine integrates the interface with underlying hardware and software applications. The result is an embedded interface that is developed in a fraction of the time and at significantly lower cost.