Since the late 1980’s the number of computer networks has been increasing tremendously. Companies are employing larger and more extensive networks that no longer span offices, but countries. These are typically multi-vendor, heterogeneous networks that require extensive network management to insure seamless operation and continuous data flow. The complexity of network management has grown in proportion to these networks as well. Network managers are faced with learning many different tools to manage their networks. While standards do exist such as SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), they still require vendor extensions such as GUI snap-ins for network management platforms to be truly useful. Generally network managers must deal with the installation, learning and then training associated with each vendors management application or add-on. Web based management can reduce the installation element and in many cases ease the learning curve associated with managing the various devices. This paper will present ways in which a network device can incorporate management via a web interface either solely or in addition to several other standard methods.