To many, VXI is synonymous with large-scale, high-performance test systems in applications like engine testing (in the Aerospace industry) or weapons systems testing (i.e. military ATE). This perception is far from being the extent of VXI’s applicability. Today, no one can dispute the continuing usefulness of this well-established platform, not even the upstarts that were, until recently, exaggerating the rumors of its demise.

A key reason for the continuing strength and usefulness of VXI is that with maturity comes a better-defined, stricter standard. This state of affairs in turn translates into a more robust system implementation, and hopefully a shorter development time for very large-scale test systems. The expertise exists, has matured through many development cycles, and is not ready to throw in the towel.

Furthermore, users are hesitant to move away from their substantial investments, have limited resources available to re-design their test systems, and in most cases do not see the need for it.

The power of VXI comes from the combination of wise choices made at the outset, continuing support, and a dedication to serve the critical applications requiring cutting edge performance.

Reprinted with permission from VMEbus Systems/December 2003. Article © OpenSystems Publishing.