This application note will explain how to use the
Enhanced Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
(EUSART) in Asynchronous (full-duplex) mode,
capable of auto-wake-up on character reception and
auto-baud calibration. A 9-bit transmission is used to
implement odd parity checking. This example is
implemented on the PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit.
The EUSART is new to the PIC16F6XX Family of PIC
microcontrollers and includes the ability to wake-up
from Sleep when there is activity on the receive pin,
automatically calculate an incoming baud rate, detect
when the receive operation is Idle, and transmit/receive
a 12-bit Break character. Also, it is possible to specify
the clock polarity in Synchronous mode and transmit
polarity in Asynchronous mode. These features make it
a much more versatile and easier to use communication
peripheral, capable of use in a variety of applications.