Shrinking feature sizes and advanced fabrication technologies enable IC designers to integrate more functionality onto a single chip (SoC: System on Chip), in particular in the Trusted Personal Devices (TPDs) applications. Meanwhile, the market pressure continues to pushing for higher performance under lower cost. The TPDs should be able to exchange greater volume of data, voice or video streaming, with an ever higher bit rate, while being able to transmit or to receive using multiple telecommunication standards. Cost and time-to-market reduction can only be achieved by integrating the complete system including antenna and also systems packaging such as smart cards or SiP (System in Package). TrustMe-ViP is the project, under a larger CIM-PACA platform, that has developed a virtual RF system platform dedicated to designing the complex TPD system. It’s a unified EDA framework which offers multiple simulation engines associated with dedicated multiple-abstraction hierarchical model libraries.

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