This white paper discusses the differences between CoolRunner-II DataGATE and various “sleep modes” used by other devices. Both these features are used for low power applications, but, we will show that while DataGATE has many advantages over “sleep modes,” the “sleep modes” have no advantages over DataGATE.

CoolRunner-II CPLDs are built on an inherently ultra low power patented technology that reduces standby current to as low as 13 microamps. The technology, known as Fast Zero Power, enables you to build fast, low power handheld consumer devices using programmable logic. DataGATE is an advanced feature of the these devices that enables the design to gate out unwanted signals during actual operation, thus saving addtional power from unwanted toggling of I/Os and downstream logic. You have to ability to select the inputs and outputs for DataGATE, and turn them on and off at will.