Whether developing for commercial or military applications, customers are demanding more for less—more module and LRU testing capability and better diagnostics at less cost in less space! Commercial Avionics Test Sets must meet all existing FAA requirements and should be easily upgradeable to meet all current and, if possible, all proposed FAA requirements. Mission specific Military/Aerospace Avionics Test Sets are now expected to be as flexible and portable as the multi-mission aircraft and weapons systems they support. The potential for a mission to change, indeed to evolve, is an every-day reality, and the installed equipment can change dramatically over a short period of time. Without similar enhancements to the Avionics Test Sets, the ground support crew would wind up with multiple Test Sets, or multiple work-arounds, or both, and of course, substantial additional workload and support costs. If you keep in mind the following tips for Development and Operations of Avionics Test Sets, you can keep some of those additional costs to a minimum.

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