As performance requirements for telecom and networking applications keep on growing, equipment manufacturers are looking for more efficient, integrated and cost effective solutions. At the foundation of such services, applications include infrastructure equipment for broadband wireless and fixed networks, security appliances, ToIP gateways, IPTV servers, and more. All these applications are turning to multicore processors but, with new challenges to be met.

To achieve the expected level of performance, processing capabilities have to be significantly improved. Until now, running a processor at a higher frequency was the only solution to increase them. Unfortunately, this approach has recently reached micro-electronics limits. Multicore processor technology was introduced a few years ago and is bringing a smart solution to run several processors in parallel while keeping power consumption under acceptable limits.

In this paper, you will learn what the challenges for designing telecom / networking applications on top of multicore environments are and how 6WIND and its 6WINDGate™ solution is addressing them.