SHDSL (ITU Rec. G.991.2) represents the best of several symmetric DSL technologies that have been combined into a single industry standard providing rate adaptation, greater reach, spectral compatibility, low power, and application flexibility. SHDSL (Symmetric High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line) is emerging as the access technology of choice for high-speed symmetric service offerings by the service providers for businesses and Small Office Home Office (SOHO) customers. The technology is very well suited for high-speed symmetric data, digital voice transport, and real-time video conferencing. Since the various services are handled in the digital domain, bandwidth can be dynamically allocated between voice, video and data. By supporting a variety of line rates and payload configurations, SHDSL allows various service applications to be customized to meet the needs of small, medium, and home office environments. It is expected to become the most common solution for symmetric access by the major service providers worldwide in 2003.

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