The proliferation of counterfeit goods is a plague. With consumer products such as clothing or handbags, there may be tell-tale signs that the authenticity of the product is questionable, but when it comes to electronic products the evidence is not always so obvious as such products contain hundreds of electronic components: resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, to name a few, and identifying which is counterfeit is like finding a needle in a haystack.

The cost of this deception can be staggering: from failed devices and the associated recalls to destroyed reputations of the original parts designers and suppliers.

So, after many months of product development, how does one tell if the components, DSP or otherwise, upon which the system is based are real and up to specification?

This is where MuAnalysis comes in: It offers a component authenticity verification service and in this exclusive feature it provides some examples of parts that are not what they claim to be and some critical advice on what to do to avoid falling into the counterfeit trap.