As enterprises continue to progress in their digital transformation journeys, the data center is more critical than ever to an organization’s success. In fact, today’s data center market growth is expected to skyrocket over the next few years. The expected rise in data center energy usage is a challenge for enterprises and cloud service providers alike. Not only does it increase the costs of running a data center, it contributes to global emissions and climate change.

Today’s data centers however, face three specific challenges – the hyperscale shift resulting in higher power consumption, stagnant power and the rising cost of power outages. These challenges related to power consumption clearly show that today’s data center power conversion technology is maxed out. It’s reached its limits of efficiency, size, and density. They require an innovative technology that can meet today’s increased power demands and still have room to grow tomorrow as needs evolve.

This new solution must deliver in two key areas: High power density and high efficiency. Vertical GaN-based power supplies can improve power density and efficiency in data centers while saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint. This paper reviews the benefits of Vertical GaN-based power solutions for data centers.