This application report describes the differences in software development tools between DM642 and the newer DSP-only devices in the DaVinci platform such as DM648 or DM6437. In particular, the old and new methods of driving and accessing peripheral devices are compared between devices. Examples with partial source code are presented for the primary means of peripheral access: DM642 functional chip support library (CSL), DM648/DM6437 register CSL, and DM648/DM6437 platform support package (PSP) drivers. Philosophical differences between these methods, as well as recommended migration paths between them, are discussed in depth.

This document briefly describes the use of the enhanced direct memory access (EDMA) low-level driver for the DM648 and DM6437. For more information on EDMA usage, see How to Use the EDMA3 Driver on a TMS320C643x Device (SPRAAN4), which includes detailed examples with full source code. This document does not describe hardware differences between devices. That topic is already covered in existing application reports.