Wireless mobile devices are approaching an impasse. With the convergence of new computing, communication and entertainment applications on wireless handsets, power demands are increasing rapidly, yet battery capacity cannot keep up. At the same time, consumers want sleek, compact mobile devices they can slip into a pocket. Integration at the chip level —often combining multiple processing cores in the same device—and smaller, submicron fabrication processes help to reduce the size of wireless handsets while enabling added functionality.

Unfortunately, smaller submicron processes exacerbate the problem of standby leakage power. Wireless handset and other mobile device manufacturers are challenged to reduce power consumption while enhancing system performance. This paper introduces a solution: SmartReflex power and performance management technologies from Texas Instruments (TI). Now significantly improved with second-generation SmartReflex 2 techniques, they have product-proven, intelligent, and adaptive capabilities that aggressively meet these challenges and provide a pathway to future solutions.