An in-vehicle network integrates many modules that interact with the environment, and process high and low speed information. As a result, testing this network has become very challenging. This is mainly because parts of the network (like the nodes) have to process high-speed data to satisfy safety and emission requirements. Other parts of the network are low-speed that they are locally connected to lights and switches. The automotive industry uses two main network technologies: Controller Area Network (CAN) and Local Interconnect Network (LIN). These technologies coexist in a heterogeneous network making debugging and testing more challenging and time consuming.

This application note briefly explains the basics of CAN and LIN protocols. It explains how the DPO7000 series and the LSA option, that combines integrated CAN specific trigger capabilities and the TDSVNM CAN and LIN timing and protocol decode software, address the unmet needs in debugging and testing an in-vehicle network.