Siemens, AMD, and Microsoft collaborate on EDA in the cloudCloud processing provides IC design companies with an opportunity to reduce time-to-market by accessing vastly more compute resources than are typically available when rolling into a design tapeout crunch. High-scaling tools can scale to thousands of cores to reduce runtimes…but who has a couple of thousand cores sitting around idle? The cloud gives you access to significantly more hardware for those times when you are under the greatest schedule pressure, such as block or full chip verification.

In this paper, learn how Siemens EDA, AMD and Microsoft Azure teamed up to demonstrate a solution to dramatically reduce design closure times and costs of cloud usage.

  • Cloud server efficiency
  • Computing in the cloud
  • Results
  • Minimizing cloud costs


pcb kicad EDA Electronic Design Automation

Frequently Asked Questions on EDA:

What are EDA tools?
  • Electronic design automation (EDA) tools are a category of software used for designing, verifying, implementing, and testing of electronic systems, integrated circuits (IC) and printed circuit boards (PCB). While these tools may not directly manufacture semiconductor chips, they are integral in drafting designs and analyzing semiconductor chips.
What are ECAD tools?
  • Electronic computer-aided design (ECAD) is also referred to as EDA. ECAD is a category of software that is used to design electronic designs.
What is EDA in PCB?
  • EDA (electronic design automation) is a software tool used for designing and testing printed circuit boards. Prior to the development of EDA, PCB’s were designed and drawn by hand. EDA allows for considerably complex chip designs along with design verification.