Shinhan Bank, headquartered in South Korea, has implemented the Intel Core2 processor with vPro technology2 as an embedded controller in their ATMs. Shinhan found that embedded Intel vPro technology allowed better remote updates, patching, reimaging, and problem resolution of the machines. The bank’s IT technicians now remotely maintain, update, diagnose, and repair ATMs for several types of issues that earlier required site visits. IT technicians also better diagnose complex ATM OS hangs and hardware failures caused by dirty power, power loss, or extreme temperatures. Shinhan has already reduced ATM downtime by 1,014 hours (1.4 hours per ATM) within the first year of implementation of Intel vPro technology in its ATMs. The Shinhan ROI study projects a 43% reduction in ATM downtime, and a 33% reduction in the site visits historically required for maintenance and problem resolution. Results of the study showed a projected break-even point in year 2, savings of over $608,000 across 6 years, and a positive ROI of 524% in year 6.