The high-performance computing (HPC) markets have taken a serious interest in the potential of FPGA computing to help solve computationally intensive problems while simultaneously saving space and reducing power consumption. However, to date few capable products and tools are tailored to suit HPC industry requirements.

In the last 15 years, the industry has also moved away from customized, massively parallel computing platforms (like those offered by Cray and SGI) to clusters of industry-standard servers. The majority of HPC solutions today are based on this clustered approach.

To serve the HPC market, Nallatech has introduced a family of scalable clusteroptimized FPGA HPC products, allowing you to either upgrade your existing HPC cluster environments or build new clusters with commercial-off-the-shelf FPGA computing technology.

Reprinted with permission from Xcell Journal / Third Quarter 2006. Article © Xcell Journal.