In today’s complex, unpredictable, and highly regulated business climate, how can one control risk, manage effectively, drive performance, and ultimately inspire greater stakeholder confidence? Forward-thinking organizations are moving toward a broad, holistic approach to managing interrelated strategic planning activities and business risks: an integrated program of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management.

This paper discusses how, by employing a comprehensive GRC solution, one can proactively achieve two significant returns on one’s investment. First, one can confidently address all regulatory and business-related risks and achieve compliance at a lower cost. Secondly, while the competition is mired in tactical compliance management, an integrated GRC approach enables an organization to differentiate itself and achieve greater agility by optimizing its business processes and using risk intelligence for better decision-making.

The paper also introduces the the SAP solution portfolio, which provides a framework and software solutions for building a GRC architecture step by step.