The majority of embedded control systems require nonvolatile memory. Because of their small footprint, byte level flexibility, low I/O pin requirement, low-power consumption, and low cost, serial EEPROMs are a popular choice for nonvolatile storage. Microchip Technology has addressed this need by offering a full line of serial EEPROMs covering industry standard serial communication protocols for two-wire (I2C), three-wire (Microwire), and SPI communication. Serial EEPROM devices are available in a variety of densities, operational voltage ranges, and packaging options.

This application note provides assistance and guidance with the use of Microchip I2C serial EEPROMs. These recommendations are not meant as requirements; however, their adoption will lead to a more robust overall design. The topics addressed include: chip address inputs, the write-protect feature, power supply, increasing data throughput, and software reset sequence.