MIPS processors are found in a wide variety of consumer and industrial products, and most of these products employ a real-time operating system (RTOS) to control their many functions. This new textbook introduces developers to the basics, and finer points, of using an RTOS for optimum control of MIPS-based devices. “Real-time Embedded Multithreading: Using ThreadX and MIPS,” by Dr. Edward L. Lamie, uses the MIPS architecture and Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS as real-world examples which give the reader a unique perspective on the modern technologies that can be applied to the programming of complex electronic products. The book covers the services provided by an RTOS, the major characteristics of the MIPS architecture, and includes a real world example, with source code, of an application based on ThreadX and MIPS. In addition, the book contains a CD with a free copy of the ThreadX RTOS, designed for use on a Windows PC. Developers will enjoy reading the text, learning from its lessons, and from the experience of using the demonstration copy of ThreadX right on their PC.

Download the PDF of Chapter 2, “First Look at a System Using an RTOS” free of charge! And, for the first 500 developers who do so, we’ll send you a FREE* copy of the complete 450 page textbook, including the free ThreadX demo CD!

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