It is a common misconception that drive endurance, the number of write/erase cycles that can be performed before the storage device wears out, is only a function
of storage media—it is much more than this. In fact, there are three components that must be considered when calculating drive endurance: the storage media itself, the wear-leveling algorithm, and the error correction capabilities (ECC).

SiliconDrive technology optimizes all three of these components. SiliconSystems employs SLC NAND components to achieve maximum endurance and speed.
SiliconDrive integrates a 6-bit ECC algorithm that provides exponentially better correction than a standard 2-bit algorithm. By combining SLC NAND and 6-bit ECC with a proprietary wear-leveling algorithm that evenly distributes wear over the entire SiliconDrive,
SiliconSystems achieves endurance rates that are more than 200 times better than products designed for the consumer electronics market.