Powerline communication technology, which is the ability to transfer data over standard AC wiring, has existed for many years. However, the technology has not yet been widely adopted for data networking in homes and small businesses due to high cost, low speed, low functionality, and other barriers. Those barriers are quickly being overcome but new challenges threaten the multi-faceted PLC data networking platform, namely numerous incompatible technologies trying to use the same AC wiring in a home or office in the same frequency range: the 2 to 30 MHz “sweet spot,” each targeting a specific application space. This potential conflict on the wire jeopardizes the successful adoption of PLC technology as a viable medium for broadband Internet distribution and appliance intercommunication throughout the home and small business. If the industry continues down the current path, it may suffer through the same debilitating problems that are currently stifling the wireless industry.

This paper proposes one simple idea: broad implementation of Powerline coexistence methodology.

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