This 43-page eBook highlights advanced solutions including battery management system (BMS) transformers, push-pull transformers, reinforced transformers, advanced network transformers, and planar flyback transformers.

Key features, design benefits and application examples are provided to help you select the right transformer and power solutions to improve your product efficiency, increase design reliability and lower your system costs.

Also included is information about Bourns high-voltage storage solutions and power inductor technology. Inside you will find:

  • The Development of New Amorphous Cores for High-Frequency Power Applications
  • Using Push-Pull Transformers to Isolate Power in 12-V Applications
  • Selecting the Right Power Inductor for DC/DC Converters
  • How to Select the Right Reinforced Transformer for High-Voltage Energy Storage Applications
  • Achieving Higher Efficiency Using Planar Flyback Transformers for High-Voltage AC/DC Converters
  • Selecting BMS Transformers for Isolated Communications in High-Voltage Energy Storage