The QNX Neutrino RTOS’s third-generation architecture and leading-edge technologies offer developers the path to the future for platform software. Embedded systems developers can now build their products with the same high level of capabilities offered by advanced operating systems yet remain sensitive to the unique demands of the embedded systems environment.

Traditionally, porting an application from a conventional RTOS like VxWorks to an advanced operating system like QNX Neutrino isn’t easy. There are various issues to consider and choices to make that can dramatically affect the porting process. Realizing this situation, QNX has developed a comprehensive migration kit consisting of this document and a porting library to help customers port their VxWorks-based applications to QNX Neutrino in a more controlled fashion.

This document highlights the areas of impact and the decisions that you need to make in establishing a porting methodology. If the porting process is the journey, then this document is its roadmap.