The difference in competitiveness is moving a product efficiently and quickly. Seamlessly sharing full product and part model data between multiple manufacturing sites allows you to get your product to market faster and stay ahead of your competition.

In this white paper, you will review the keys to competitiveness and learn how a single product model can drive all the manufacturing sites of a product worldwide. You will go over an example of how the manufacturing of a product with existing volume at a plant in China can be moved to also be in Mexico to support the local markets.

“The ability to move the manufacturing of a product from one physical location to another efficiently is critical for any PCB assembly company. Whether your company has in-house manufacturing with several factories available or is a company that uses different equipment manufacturers to make your products, most likely one of your greatest challenges is switching product lines from one factory to another.

The reasons for switching may be to reduce manufacturing costs, manufacture larger quantities, or move to a higher quality manufacturer. The challenge is the same, regardless of the reason for moving product to a new factory – how to remain efficient. You want the switch-over process to take as little time as possible, avoiding the added costs of increased time-to-market. You also want all the data to be transferred accurately, without any translation issues. Lastly, you want all the libraries to be available, without requiring any additional adjustments and adding redundant, time-consuming work.”