In recent history, power consumption has changed from an idle concern to a monumental obstacle. Despite the convenience of designing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), they have until now, been synonymous with high power consumption. QuickLogic, the newest FPGA manufacturer to be supported in Precision Synthesis, has addressed the requirement for low power designs with its PolarPro FPGA family, leveraging its unique ViaLink anti-fuse technology along with power reducing features to create a device that is low power by design. QuickLogic’s PolarPro family is ideally suited for optimizing programmable applications for minimal power consumption. Designing for low power with PolarPro is further aided by an established power analysis flow using ModelSim.

Summarized throughout this document are details about how the various features of QuickLogic’s PolarPro devices can be used to create designs that ensure a low power implementation. Specific features such as internal clock gating, low power mode, and the inherent power savings due to QuickLogic’s unique ViaLink technology will be discussed.