The purpose of this paper is the Modeling and Simulation of a grid connected hybrid power system, referred to as "hydrogen Photovoltaic-Fuel Cell (PVFC) hybrid system". It couples a photovoltaic generator (PV), alkaline water electrolysis, a storage gas tank, a proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC), inverters and power conditioning units (PCU) to give different system topologies. The system is intended to be an environmentally friendly solution since it tries maximizing the use of a renewable energy source. Electricity is produced by a PV generator to meet the requirements of a user load. Whenever there is enough solar radiation, the user load can be powered totally by the PV electricity. During periods of low solar radiation, auxiliary electricity is required. the operational performance of the system are component efficiency, system design and consumption behavior. In this paper Photovoltaic fuel cell hybrid system has been concentrated in the AC grid connected components and the hybrid system has been simulated by using Matlab.