Electrification of vehicles is growing at a skyrocketing rate; however, it comes with the challenges of drive range, performance, and vehicle cost. To meet growing market needs, EV manufacturers are looking to push vehicle designs by leveraging the latest technology innovations. These include higher voltage 800V/900V batteries, new requirements to increase vehicle robustness (such as short-circuit protection), and new motor designs that fully utilize the vehicle battery.

The silicon-based power technology that enabled the explosion in consumer and industrial electronics in past decades is no longer sufficient for today’s advanced needs. Modern EVs require more advanced power semiconductor technology with major improvements which are needed in the three key power systems in an EV: on-board chargers, DC-DC converters, and inverters.

Ideal for high-voltage power electronics in electric cars, Vertical GaN-enabled power converters can lower costs by reducing passive components like inductors and capacitors. The resulting power systems are not only lighter and smaller, but they are also more robust and efficient, making them ideal for applications with size and space constraints along with cutting-edge efficiency and robustness requirements.