Data throughput performance is one of the most important features of an IP security (IPsec) virtual private network (VPN) gateway appliance. IPsec requires time-consuming data processing in addition to the regular processing that is performed in the gateway, such as firewalling and NAT-T. It can be difficult for designers to select the most effective hardware and software for optimum throughput performance.

SafeNet’s Embedded Division provides both the hardware and software components for IPsec VPN applications. SafeNet also provides fully integrated hardware/software IPsec VPN solutions, such as the combination of QuickSec for Access Networks software and the SafeXcel-1840/1842 security co-processors for hardware acceleration.

This white paper gives OEM and ODM customers true network-level benchmarking results for an IPsec VPN application, based on SafeNet’s ability to provide a fully integrated and optimized solution.