Most board designers prefer manual routing over autorouting for the look of the finished boards and the control it provides. Yet, as design constraints become more prevalent in everyday designs, PCB designers can no longer keep track of every net, class, or length-based rule during trace placement.

PADS Router (formerly BlazeRouter) removes these obstacles, enabling circuit board designers to focus on resolving other, more complex issues with greater ease. Its interactive approach significantly reduces design time and increases yields while ensuring proper constraint adherence, thus giving designers the control of manual routing with the speed of autorouting.

This paper describes some of the intuitive methodology in PADS Router that enables board designers to route boards with accuracy and ease.

Included are descriptions of the following capabilities:

  • Single-button route tools, for fast and easy routing
  • Push and shove methodology, for seamless trace placement and post-trace modifications
  • Real-time visualization of traces and vias, for reviewing and modifying placements before committing to a particular pattern
  • Integration with PADS Layout (formerly PowerPCB), to ensure that constraints are maintained during trace placement
  • Handling of high-speed issues, including managing constraints associated with minimum and maximum length, and matched-length traces
  • Dynamic route clearance, including maintenance of accurate trace widths
  • “On the fly” pin-pair modifications, for maximum routing flexibility
  • Routing controls, for maintaining pad order and producing special routing patterns to meet specific net geometry requirements
  • Obstacle handling, providing multiple options for maximum control

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