Modern warfare in urban and coastal environments depends heavily on situational awareness. Soldiers in the air, at sea, and on the ground need to understand the environment around them and identify threats as early as possible. State-of-the-art military sensors have unprecedented requirements in the volume of environmental data to be measured and processed. To handle this data and provide “actionable intelligence” to the soldier as soon as possible, sensor system logic requires optimized combinations of logic and digital signal processing (DSP) density, high-speed transceivers, power-versus-performance design flexibility, and high-assurance design flow to meet end-user requirements.

Radar systems are used in many different platform sizes, both military and non-military. As more of these systems adopt array and conformal array technologies, the digital logic requirements of these systems will increase, and need to fit into smaller components and boards. This paper explains why Altera’s simple and reliable tool flow, intellectual property (IP) library, and power efficient logic devices are highly advantageous to designers in the military-focused advanced sensor market.