Today, consumers demand Hi-Fi quality, multi-function, feature-rich audio products in a small form factor and at a low price. This presents a challenge to integrated circuit (IC) designers and audio device manufacturers in finding high-performance, ultra low-power analog audio content at low risk. Until now, this functionality has only been available on standalone chips, or on discrete, non-optimized analog intellectual property (IP) components that pose integration difficulties along with increased risk, time-to-market, and cost.

To remain competitive, system-on-a-chip (SoC) and SiP designers must focus on developing the digital features critical to differentiating their chips. They need proven analog audio functions that match or exceed currently-available best-in-class ICs, and are easy to integrate onto their SoC or SiP. This white paper describes how SoC designers can incorporate Hi-Fi audio codecs, Class-D audio amplifiers and other analog audio functionality in their designs, eliminating the need for a separate IC, and delivering significant power and cost savings.