In an incredibly crowded market, companies designing wireless communication devices are continually striving to differentiate themselves. New features are added seemingly every day and devices contain even greater functionality to keep users interested. But, another key way to differentiate your product is to get it to market before your competition.

What if a designer could shorten that time by up to three months? One area to save time is in putting together, debugging and optimizing the system hardware for production. The manual process of compiling all of the parts on the board, and then peeking and poking status and diagnostics registers one by one to see whether all of the chips are working properly, is a tedious process. A new graphical user interface (GUI) has been developed that allows designers to configure and control every feature and function of all the IDT Serial RapidIO devices on the board, as well as acting as a diagnostic tool for channel signal integrity characterization and system troubleshooting during board bring-up.