To meet the growing demand for high-speed communications, designers need their equipment to support high-capacity data throughput in smaller packages and at a lower solution cost. The editors at AspenCore have put together a collection of articles to assist you in designing systems utilizing RF DACs, RF-sampling receivers, high-frequency filters, high-speed ADCs, and more. Plus, check out a cryptographic approach to securing aircraft ADS-B data and get an inside look at a DARPA hackfest.

Articles include:

  • SDR’s Hard Side Shown in DARPA Hackfest
  • Direct-RF DACs for High-Speed Communications
  • A Cryptographic Proof of Concept for Securing Aircraft ADS-B Data
  • Signal Chain Basics: RF-Sampling ADCs for Multiband Receivers
  • A Checklist for Designing RF-Sampling Receivers
  • Designing Higher-Frequency Active Filters to Drive Differential Input High-Speed ADCs