Every year the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona reveals the big stories in wireless technology to follow. Collected here are the important stories from around the EE Times network’s coverage of Mobile World Congress 2017.

The angst over 5G costs was matched by the confusion over what form it will take and when it will be deployed. While it’s clearly the next stage in the evolution of wireless, 5G is best described not by what it is or will be, but by its intent and what technologies it will comprise. The show floor was loaded with new monikers that reflect the cellular industry’s desire to boost the current LTE business while milking the promise of 5G. What do Pre-5G, 4.9G, 5GTF, Non-Standalone 5G, LTE-U have in common? All are branded flavors of the same problem: 5G is not yet ready for prime time.

Barcelona also showcased a new generation of sensors and sensor fusion technologies, reflecting the intensifying competition among tech companies to create a new human-machine interface (HMI) — going beyond touch. And because the show features a wide range of technologies, all of which must be tested, test companies got into the action with numerous announcements and demos.