Mobileye N.V., a global leader in driver assistance and safety systems for the automotive industry, required a significant performance boost, proven reliability and guaranteed real-time response for its next-generation driver-assistance system. The company selected the high-performance MIPS32 34Kf core for its new SoC design, the EyeQ-2. Mobileye’s current driver-assistance system, the EyeQ-1, has already been adopted by several top-tier suppliers and car manufacturers in Europe, the US and Japan, for installation in 2007-model-year production vehicles. The next-generation MIPS-Based navigation system from Mobileye incorporates the same robust capabilities as in EyeQ-1—including lane-departure warning, forward-collision warning and vision/radar fusion for active safety with some additional features. The new MIPS-Based EyeQ-2 system will add pedestrian detection capabilities to its extensive feature list and will debut in late 2008 models.

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