This paper explains the certification process using the TRCA/DO-178B standard as an example and the steps required to produce software that is certifiable under RTCA/DO-178B. In particular the requirements for documentation, testing, code-coverage and modified conditional decision coverage, requirements traceability and other aspects of TRCA/DO178B compliance are discussed. This requirement for software certification will increase as more and more software-based systems become critical in our society. For example, developers of medical systems should note that the FDA is becoming increasingly stringent in certifying medical systems and associated software, as high-level FAA personnel have transferred to the FDA, hence gradually enforcing certification standards similar to those used by the FAA. Consequently, any developer with a need for TRCA/DO178B certification and those with a need for software built to the highest level of safety and reliability will benefit from understanding the effort required to meet certification requirements.

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