The market needs for IP stack performance are changing drastically for the networking equipment markets. In the access market new access technologies like VDSL and FTTH are driving performance to the home while in the home, PC manufacturers are driving Gigabit Ethernet with PCs bundled with Ge cards. Therefore, access equipment like DSL, Cable, and FTTH modems are driving higher and higher IP performance requirements, particularly packet forwarding requirements as packets are forwarded from the access technology to the home based Ge network. In the wired and wireless infrastructure markets we have seen a massive movement from proprietary circuit/packet switched backplanes to proprietary and standard (PICMG 3.1) Ethernet backplane. This trend is driving the need for faster IP Performance as these new backplanes are going to Gigabit Ethernet technology.

To help manufacturers of these access, wireless, backplane, and other network infrastructure products meet the demand for higher performance, Wind River continues to advance the performance of PLATFORM FOR NETWORK EQUIPMENT. This paper will discuss recent increases in the router stack performance, which have yielded significant (greater than two times) improvement over the standard VxWorks 5.5 network stack.