X-by-wire and driver assistance systems are examples where measurement, model-based development, simulation, control engineering and testing play important roles to ensure product quality, safety, and so on. As the component interactions get increasingly complex and to reduce development time and cost, HiL environments are used. They allow focusing by combining real and virtual (real-time simulation models) parts within one closed loop environment without losing the component interactions which are key for realistic analyses. As HiL environments are increasingly used by R&D and test cell engineers, visual and easy-to-use methods are extremely important to avoid delays/gaps in the development cycle.

This paper will show how tools like Matlab/Simulink or LabVIEW/ecICP can be used efficiently as an HiL rapid prototyping environment for developing a cruise control system and test it in real-time. It will be demonstrated that these engineering tools may be used efficiently for modeling and controller parametrization, purely based on measurements.