In 2000, the Object Management Group (OMG) published “Model Driven Architecture” (OMG 2000), a white paper that described a vision for software development that relied on linking object models together to build complete systems. This model-driven architecture (MDA) approach would employ existing technologies, which support existing and future OMG standards, to support model-driven develo pment so that object models would become assets instead of expenses.

MDA is the result of the recognition that interoperability is a Good Thing and that modeling is a Good Thing too. MDA allows developers to build models without knowledge of other models in the system and then combine those models only at the last minute to create the system. This prevents the application from becoming intertwined with design decisions; it also leaves the application independent of its implementation so the application can be recombined with other technologies, as well as other application subject matters, at some later time. This is a kind of design-time interoperability of models; the result is that models become assets.