Testing prototypes of video chips for cellular telephones can be a formidable challenge. Cell phone manufacturers are continually developing new phones, to which chip companies must respond quickly, either with existing products (usually with new software) or with new products that deliver video capabilities. Chip manufacturers are therefore continually testing new hardware and software on huge numbers of phones, which usually involves sending video transmissions over the cellular network. These tests are often hampered by busy networks and coverage gaps that can increase testing time and produce misleading results.

This paper explains how a number of video chip manufacturers have been able to reduce time-to-market for their products by using Anritsu’s MD8470A signaling tester to simulate the GSM, CDMA, or WCDMA cellular networks under ideal conditions. The tester can help speed up product development by eliminating the effects of the live cellular network and allowing any desired streaming server to be installed on the MD8470A.