There are many MOSFET technologies and silicon processes in existence today, with new advances being made every day. To make a generalized statement about matching a MOSFET driver to a MOSFET based on voltage/current ratings or die sizes is very difficult, if
not impossible.

As with any design decision, there are multiple variables involved when selecting the proper MOSFET driver for the MOSFET being used in your design. Parameters such as input-to-output propagation delay, quiescent current, latch-up immunity and driver current rating must all be taken into account. Power dissipation of the driver will also effect your packaging decision and driver selection.

This Application Note discusses the details of MOSFET driver power dissipation in relation to MOSFET gate charge and operating frequency. It also discusses how to match MOSFET driver current drive capability and MOSFET gate charge based on desired turn-on and turn-off times of the MOSFET.

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