Interactive content could lead companies out of the current UMTS predicament. In 1999, consumers in Europe spent some 101 billion Euros on communication via fixed network, mobile phone and post, according to Forrester Research. According to their study “Conversational Content Unlocks Revenue” (24 pages, 1,795 US$), particularly new interactively assisted content could produce a host of successful services. Frost & Sullivan, for example, also ascribes a further lion’s share of the revenue to mobile gaming, predicting a figure of 178.8 million mobile gamesters by the year 2008.

Interactive content places highly complex requirements on the mobile systems. A task that involves combining flexibility and wide-ranging functionality with minimal memory size, processor and battery power as well as memory protection. Hardware restrictions have to be offset by means of intelligent software. The profitable development of mobile communications systems involves assigning fundamental importance to seven main requierments. OSE Systems has satisfied them with the “OSE for Wireless Devices” operating system, covered in this article.

Reprinted in its entirety from ARM IQ Vol. 2, No. 1